Australian Fire Service Medal








Charles Merton Edward Blizzard commenced duties as a fire-fighter on the 22nd January 1974 with the Hobart Fire Brigade. He was subsequently promoted to Station Officer on 23rd September 1980 and has been an exemplary operational officer.


In the early 1990ís he pioneered the Juvenile Fire Lighter Intervention Program in Tasmania. The program for children who participate in deliberately fire lighting provides counselling and assistance to overcome this behaviour.  This program is now successfully operating throughout Tasmania and has the support of the courts, social workers, teachers, police and the Tasmanian community.


Charles Blizzard currently holds the position of Manager of the Tasmanian Emergency Services Critical Incident Stress Management Program.  In its earliest development, the program received considerable voluntary input from Charles who gave much of his time in providing counselling services to traumatised emergency services workers.

His empathy and commitment to fellow human beings is widely recognised and as such his view and counsel are regularly sought and highly respected from all areas of the Fire service.


He was awarded his National medal in 1989 and the First Clasp in 1999.