Australian Fire Service Medal




Christopher John Deegan



Christopher John Deegan joined the Queenstown Urban Brigade in 1970 where he served as a volunteer firefighter.


On moving to Triabunna in 1980 he joined Triabunna Fire Brigade as a volunteer firefighter until his elevation to Senior Firefighter in 1995.  Throughout his time as a volunteer with Triabunna Fire Brigade he has given dedicated and committed service. He has served on many committees and actively worked in the interest of the development of volunteer brigades and the Tasmania Fire Service.


In 1992 he was appointed as Group Officer and Fire Permit Officer for the Spring Bay Group of Brigades.  In these positions he worked actively in support of the brigades in his Group and the community.


When the Triabunna area experienced major bushfire in 1994 he played a key role in the management and eventual control.

As a volunteer training instructor he provided training to brigades throughout the State in chainsaw safety and operations.


He was awarded the National medal on 1st December 1985 and the clasp to the Medal on 1st December 1995.