Australian Fire Service Medal





Chief Officer R.L. HALES


Robert Lionel HALES joined the Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade as a reserve member in 1948 and was admitted as a member in 1949.


Mr Hales was appointed as Motor Officer in 1961, Foreman in 1968 and Second Officer of the Queenstown Brigade in 1970.  In July 1973, he was appointed Chief Officer of the Brigade and is the longest serving Chief Officer in the State.


For 20 years he was an active competitor in the Queenstown Fire Brigade Competition Team and also served as the President of the Tasmanian Fire Brigades Association on a number of occasions.  He was made a Life Member of the Tasmanian Fire Brigades Association in January 1988.


Mr Hales received the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service in 1968 and the National medal in 1983.


Under the leadership of Mr Hales, the Queenstown Brigade has provided excellent fire protection to the Queenstown Community.  The brigade has attended several large fires and, in 1985, won th award for the most efficient volunteer urban brigade in Tasmania.  The high standard, which the Brigade has achieved, to a large part, is due to the contribution made by the Chief Officer.


Mr Hales is greatly concerned with the welfare of volunteer fire fighters.  He regularly attends conferences and meetings, in a voluntary capacity, and has had a considerable influence on the development of volunteer brigades in Tasmania.


He fully deserves the Award of the Australian Fire Service Medal.