Australian Fire Service Medal





 Ex Chief Officer Kerry Joseph Thomas WILLIAMS


Kerry Joseph WILLIAMS joined the Queenstown Volunteer Brigade in October 1949 as a reserve member, was admitted as a full member in 1952 and appointed as Deputy Chief Officer in July 1973.


Following a change in his employment, he resigned from the Queenstown Brigade in April 1975 and, after moving to Kingston, joined the Kingston Volunteer Fire Brigade in September 1975.  he was appointed as Chief Officer in October 1975.since 1978.


During his service with the Queenstown Brigade, Mr Williams was an excellent brigade member and was very active in brigade competitions.  His most significant contribution to the Fire Service and to the community however was during his period as Chief Officer of the Kingston Volunteer Brigade.


At the time of his appointment the brigades’ standard of proficiency was a matter of concern and consideration was being given to stationing permanent firefighters at the brigade.  By his leadership, drive, and training skills, Mr Williams was able to transform the brigade to the extent that by the time of his retirement from Chief Officer in December 1988, Kingston Brigade was rated as one of the top volunteer brigades in Tasmania.


 Mr Williams is fully deserving of the award of the Australian Fire Service Medal.