Australian Fire Service Medal





Group Captain - John BRASSINGTON


John BRASSINGTON joined the Ralph’s Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1964 and progressed through the ranks of the brigade being appointed to the position of First Officer in 1967.  The brigade name was changed to Lauderdale in 1968 and he was appointed to the position of Brigade Captain in 1971.  Through the introduction of the Group of Brigades system into the Tasmania Fire Service he was appointed to the position of Group Captain of the Clarence Group of Brigades in 1984


Mr Brassington is a self motivated Officer who has always demonstrated an extremely high standard of Firefighting ability and through his example has encouraged many volunteer members of brigades in his Group.


His dedicated and enthusiastic service over a period of 27 years has earned him the respect of volunteers and permanent members of the service.

His active participation in volunteer brigade activities including the Country Fire Brigades Association and the Competitions Committee has been of considerable benefit to the Tasmania Fire Service.


Mr Brassington is a respected member of the Tasmania Fire Service and would be a worthy participant of the Australian Fire Service Medal.