Australian Fire Service Medal





Senior Firefighter Grade One - Nigel Bruce HUME


Nigel Bruce HUME joined the Hobart Fire Brigade on the 8th September 1980.

He progressed through the ranks, being appointed to the position of Senior Firefighter Grade One in 1990.


During the past six months Mr Hume has been the main instigator, organiser and driving force behind the Tasmania Fire Service Charity Run, which has grown in popularity and has now become an annual event. Monies raised from sponsorship and roadside donations during the run are presented to a different nominated charitable organisation each year.  The total monies raised and presented is now in excess of $100,000.


A considerable amount of publicity is generated during the “charity Run” and this together with brigades both permanent and volunteer participating in a combined effort has been of considerable benefit to the Tasmania Fire Service.


Mr Hume is a self motivated and respected member of the Hobart Fire Brigade and would be a worthy recipient of the Australian Fire Service Medal.