Australian Fire Service Medal





Group Captain/Brigade Chief - Brian Edward RAINBIRD


        Joined the Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Brigade in 1966 and served for a period of six years.


        Transferred to the primrose Sands Volunteer Fire Brigade on the 13th February 1972 and was appointed Deputy Brigade Captain on that date.


        He was appointed Brigade Chief on 26th February 1975 and is still serving in that position.


        Appointed Group Officer Sorell Group of Brigades on 17th April 1989


        Active member of the Volunteer Brigades Association Competitions Committee.


        Vice President of the State Volunteer Brigades Association.


Brian Rainbird has contributed a great deal of time and effort into the Primrose Sands Volunteer Brigade, has energetically promoted fire protection and prevention in the Sorell Municipality and has made a substantial contribution to the development of the Tasmania Fire Service by way of his activities within the Competition and Volunteer Associations.