Australian Fire Service Medal





Brigade Chief – Barry Keith LATHEY


Barry Keith LATHEY joined the New Norfolk Brigade on the 8th October 1951.  He was promoted to Fourth Officer in 1966, Second Officer in 1975 and Brigade Chief in 1983.


Under Barry’s leadership the New Norfolk Brigade is very active and is highly regarded as very skilled and efficient.


The brigade was the first volunteer brigade to accept the School Fire Education Program and has always been very active with fire safety campaigns particularly during Fire Awareness Week.


For the last ten years Barry has been required to manage a “Bequeath” involving a substantial amount of money which was left to the Brigade by one of it’s former members.  The money has been used to benefit junior members of the New Norfolk Brigade and promote junior competitions throughout he State.


Over the 44 years of service Barry has made a substantial contribution to the fire protection in the New Norfolk area and to the Tasmania Fire Service generally.