Australian Fire Service Medal





Brigade Chief – Lindsay Henry BURT


Lindsay Henry BURT joined the Selby (Victoria) Fire Brigade on 13th December 1948 and was appointed Apparatus Officer in 1955.


Lindsay joined the George Town (Tasmania) Volunteer Fire Brigade on 16th September 1957 following his transfer of employment.


He was appointed Brigade Chief of George Town on 1st February 1986 and is still serving in that position.


Over the years Lindsay has made a substantial contribution to the Tasmania Fire Service by his active involvement in the Volunteer Association and Brigade Chief’s Conferences.

He was instrumental in forming the George Town Junior Brigade and has delivered countless lectures in fire safety.


In December 1994 he will have given 46 years service to the provision of fire protection.

In addition to his fire service activities, Lindsay was an ambulance driver form 1952 to 1976.