Australian Fire Service Medal





Group Officer - Lyndsay Peter Beresford SUHR


Lyndsay has been associated with the Tasmania Fire service as a volunteer capacity for 40 years( since he was 14 years old) joining the Collinsvale Brigade in 1955, his father was the Brigade Chief.

He transferred to Glenorchy Brigade in 1977 and was promoted to Brigade Chief in 1983.  He was appointed Group Officer in 1988 a position he still holds.


Lyndsay has been a very active and dedicated member of the Services and has made a major contribution to wildfire fighting.  He successfully managed a number of large wildfires and has been prepared to provide assistance wherever possible on a state basis.


Other notable achievements and involvements include:-


  • Made a major contribution to Brigade Competitions and has been Chief Judge since 1983.


  • Member of the Hobart Fire Brigade Special Area Committee since 1970.


  • Member of the Glenorchy Local Fire Area Committee since 1983.


  • Has been a constant contributor to Fire Service District and State Conferences.


  • Has personally sponsored and arranged for Fire Brigade teams to travel interstate.