Australian Fire Service Medal





 Brigade Captain A.G. BENNETT


Anthony George BENNETT joined the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Brigade in October 1973 and was immediately appointed Brigade Captain. He was promoted to Group Captain of the Brighton Municipality Group of Brigades in June 1976.


On a number of occasions, Mr Bennett’s command and leadership abilities have saved the Brighton Municipality from major damage from invading bushfires.  In February 1982, his calm, efficient leadership was a key factor in minimising the damage to the municipality from a large bushfire, which threatened the Municipality.


He displayed outstanding ability during the Broadmarsh fires of 24-26th November 1982.  During this particular fire, over 200 volunteer fire fighters were under is command.  Again, his excellent leadership qualities proved to be a significant factor in the success of the operation.


The Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Brigade is one of the most active volunteer brigades in Tasmania, attending over 150 fire calls per year.  The brigade’s are of responsibility includes dormitory areas accommodating approximately 9,000 persons plus a large area of rural land.


Mr Bennett would be a worthy recipient of the Australian Fire Service Medal.