Kenneth Burns

Deputy Regional Chief (South)



Kenneth (Ken) Burns joined the Fire Service as a Cadet Fire Control Officer in February 1977.† He served his cadetship working in many areas of the state but worked in the North West Region for most of the period gaining significant operational experience. He qualified as a Country Fire Officer in that area in 1981.


In 1988 Ken was promoted to District Officer and over several years worked in Field Operations on the West Coast, Midlands District, Training Division and State Operations.† During his period at State Operations Ken was instrumental in establishing fire service media management arrangements including memorandums of understanding, staff training and media release protocols.† Ken has also worked tirelessly to develop formalised arrangements on the use of aircraft both for water bombing and crew transportation, as well as for aerial intelligence gathering.† Ken also represents Tasmaniaís position on the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC).


In 2006 Ken was promoted to Deputy Regional Chief in the Northern Region where he had a leading role in the response and recovery effort at the North East Fires of the same year.


Ken transferred to the Southern Region in 2009 and has acted as Regional Chief for extended periods.


Kenís dedicated service has been recognised with the awarding of his National Medal in 1992 and his first clasp in 2002.


Kenís contribution to public safety was also recognised in him being awarded the Centenary Medal in 2001.