Australian Fire Service Medal





Brigade Chief Graeme Claude Brown



Graeme Claude Brown joined the Latrobe Fire Brigade on April 1, 1973 as a volunteer member, to be elected Brigade Chief on June 1, 1976 and is still the Brigade Chief after 25 years.


Since 1997 the Latrobe area has been targeted by arsonist attacks, which has put extensive amount of pressure on the brigade to maintain an active presence in the town at all times.  I believe due to Graeme’s inter-personal skills and dedication he has maintained the brigade’s unity.


This dedication was acknowledged by the Latrobe Municipality this year by presenting the entire brigade the “Latrobe Council Australia Day Citizen Award”, the first time it has been awarded to a group rather than an individual.


Last financial year as an endeavor to keep the brigade motivated and interested in their station Graeme undertook several projects with brigade members to upgrade the station and surrounding facilities.


During Graeme’s 25 years as Brigade Chief he has earnt the respect of all the members of his brigade and has a proven record as a successful fireground manager.  In addition, he has created an active social environment, which has contributed to the camaraderie and commitment of all brigades members.


Since 1994 he has also represented the Tasmania Fire Service as a certified Permit Officer.  He was awarded the National Medal in 1989 and received the Clasp to his National Medal in 1999 after 25 years service.