Australian Fire Service Medal





Regional Officer Daryl John Streets

(Known as John)



Daryl John Streets, currently Regional Officer for the North West Region of Tasmania Fire Service has demonstrated great diligence and commitment in a number of full time and volunteer capacities in the Tasmania Fire Service over a period of 25 years.


John Streets commenced employment with Tasmania Fire Service as a firefighter in Launceston Fire Brigade in 1975.  Over his career he has worked in a range of positions mainly in the North West Region.  John has worked tirelessly in support of volunteer brigades as a District Officer and now as Regional Officer.


Between 1980 and 1990 John also served as a volunteer with Penguin Fire Brigade where he rose to lead the brigade as Brigade Chief.


He was awarded the National Medal in 1984 and clasp to the National Medal in 1994.


He was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Humane Society of Australia and the Bravery Medal in 1980.