Australian Fire Service Medal





Firefighter Rex Kemp




Rex Kemp has been actively involved with the Orielton Fire Brigade and community for 50 years.


He commenced as a volunteer firefighter with the then Orielton Country Fire Brigade in February 1952.  In 1977 he was elected to the position of Third Officer, rising to the rank of Brigade Captain in 1985, a position that he retained for a period of ten years.


In 1990 Rex was instrumental in the re-organisation of the Orielton Brigade, through the provision of a replacement station, an upgraded appliance and the revision of the brigade’s fire response boundaries.


In 1993 Mr. Kemp undertook additional responsibilities by becoming a Permit Officer for the Orielton District in which capacity he still serves.


Mr. Kemp was awarded the National Medal in 1980 and has subsequently been presented with the first, second and third Clasps to the National Medal.  Mr Rex Kemp is still an active member of his brigade and having achieved 50 years service he is one of few members of the Tasmania Fire Service to reach this unique milestone.