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Australian Fire Service Medal


Tasmania Fire Service

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Awarded Name Brigade/Group/Department Notation
1988 Rupert William George LOWE Fire Safety  
1988 Robert John HALES Queenstown Fire Brigade  
1988 Anthony George BENNETT Bridgewater Fire Brigade  
1989 Brian Edward BAKER Southern Region  
1989 Kerry Joseph Thomas WILLIAMS Kingston Fire Brigade  
1989 Eldon Henry GRIFFITHS West Tamar Group  Deceased
1990 Gerald Edward LOWE Tasmania Fire Service  Deceased
1990 Robert Stanley BARRETT Scottsdale Fire Brigade  
1990 Donald George MACKRILL Bell Bay Fire Brigade  
1991 John Donnelly MUNRO North West Region  Deceased
1991 Daniel Montgomery KERR Somerset Fire Brigade  
1991 William Thomas HOLMES Kingborough Group  Deceased
1992 John BRASSINGTON Clarence Group  
1992 Donald John JONES Fern Tree Fire Brigade  Deceased
1992 Nigel Bruce HUME Hobart Fire Brigade  
1993 Kenneth Graeme HAMMOND Fire Safety  
1993 Neville Robert BINGHAM Barrington Group  
1993 James Maxwell SMITH Stanley Fire Brigade  
1994 Neil James MANNING Tasmania Fire Service  Deceased
1994 Brian Edward RAINBIRD Sorell Group  
1994 William John BURKE Hobart Fire Brigade  Deceased
1995 Lyndsay Henry BURT George Town Fire Brigade  Deceased
1995 Barry Keith LATHEY New Norfolk Fire Brigade  Deceased
1996 Terence Stewart GILL Fern Tree Fire Brigade  
1996 Lindsay Peter Beresford SUHR Wellington Group  
1996 Rodney Maxwell PATERSON Launceston Fire Brigade  
1997 Wayne John BURN New Norfolk Fire Brigade  
1997 Peter John ALEXANDER Tasmania Fire Service  
1997 Edward Ellison DOMENEY D’Entrecasteaux Group  
1998 Graham John OTLEY Tasmania Fire Service  
1998 Christopher John DEEGAN Spring Bay Group  Deceased
1998 David Leslie HAIGH Ulverstone Fire Brigade  Deceased
1999 Vernon RICHARDSON North West Bay Group  
1999 Bruce Kennett CORBETT Wynyard Fire Brigade  
1999 Roland Scott HILL Southern Region  
2000 David BRYAN Sandfly Fire Brigade  Deceased
2000 Cedric Charles BANFIELD Ulverstone Fire Brigade  Deceased
2000 John Bryan GLEDHILL Tasmania Fire Service  
2001 Daryl John STREETS North West Region  
2001 Dale Robert BRITTEN New Norfolk Fire Brigade  
2001 Robert ATKINS Wesley Vale Fire Brigade  
2002 Edward James WILSON Engineering Services  
2002 Rex KEMP Orielton Fire Brigade  
2002 Graeme Claude BROWN Latrobe Fire Brigade  
2003 Kevin (Jim) William GRACE Flinders Is Group  Deceased
2003 Charles Merton Edward BLIZZARD CISD  
2003 Errol John GLEESON Meander Group  
2004 Thomas Anthony (Tony) DAVIDSON Tasmania Fire Service  
2004 Robin Geoffrey HOWLETT Coal River Group  
2004 Ian Francis MITCHELL Queenstown Fire Brigade  Deceased
2005 Andrew Charles TAYLOR George Town Fire Brigade  
2005 Michael Wayne BROWN Tasmania Fire Service  
2005 Ross Gerard STOKMAN Richmond Fire Brigade  
2006 Gavin Michael WAGNER Parratah Fire Brigade  
2006 Leon Paul DEWHURST Hobart Fire Brigade  
2006 Gerald Leonard SMITH Rosebery Fire Brigade  
2007 Shirley MEERS Zeehan Fire Brigade  
2007 David STOTT Port Sorell Brigade  
2007 Damien KILLALEA Community Fire Safety  
2008 Gerald Thomas CRAWFORD Tasmania Fire Service  
2008 Anthony GEE Avoca Fire Brigade  Deceased
2008 Michael Frederick MUNNINGS Colebrook Fire Brigade  
2009 Garry SULLIVAN Tasmania Fire Service  
2009 Gregory WILLIAMS Devonport Fire Brigade  
2009 Gerald AULICH Golden Gate Group  
2010 Andrew COMER Tasmania Fire Service  
2010 Graham BENNELL Forth Fire Brigade  
2010 John  TYRRELL Cambridge Fire Brigade  
2011 Gavin FREEMAN Tasmania Fire Service  
2011 Kevin HARDWICK Magra Fire Brigade  
2011 William TIDDY Queenstown Fire Brigade  
2011 Harvey BRADBURN Aviation  
2012 Colin TRIFFITT New Norfolk Fire Brigade  
2012 Anthony BLANKS Forestry Tasmania  
2013 Ken BURNS Tasmania Fire Service  
2013 Rodney SWEETNAM Hadspen Fire Brigade  
2013 Gary COOPER Nubeena Fire Brigade  
2014 Hugh JONES Tasmania Fire Service  
2014 Rodney MOORE Gladstone Fire Brigade  
2014 Trevor KINGSTON Smithton Fire Brigade  
2015 Jeff HARPER  Tasmania Fire Service  
2015 John DUGGAN  Cygnet Fire Brigade  
2015 John WHITE  Heybridge Fire Brigade  
 2016  Fiona TUSTIAN  Stowport/Natone Fire Brigade  
 2016  John HAZZLEWOOD  Tasmania Fire Service  
 2016  Colin CUNNINGHAM  Gretna Fire Brigade  
 2017  David BONNEY  Gunns Plains Fire Brigade  
 2017  Jeremy SMITH  Tasmania Fire Service  
 2017  Leo BERECHREE  Smithton Fire Brigade  
 2018  Stephen WEBSTER   Penguin Brigade  
 2018  Dennyse GROVES   Legana Brigade  
 2018  Ian BOUNDS   Tasmania Fire Service  
 Chris ARNOL   Tasmania Fire Service
 Scott CLARKE   Burnie Fire Brigade
 Terrance WHITE   Wattle Hill Brigade
 2020 Mark McDermott  Strahan  
 2021 David Oakley  Campbell Town  
 2021 Shane Batt  Tasmania Fire Service  
 2021 Robert Dawes  Somerset  




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