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EXAMPLES (Updated 20 October 2020)

  • To see all recipients for Lachlan brigade, select “Brigade” from the drop down list, type Lachlan into the search box, and click “Search”
    (you could also type Lac, but because the search will also match partial words the results would also show Lackranna)
  • To see all recipients in 2016, select “Approved On” from the drop down list, type 2016 into the box, and click “Search”
  • To see all recipients of the TFS award, select TFS Award in the drop down box, and type award into the search box.
  • There are 2 types of brigades – Retained and Volunteer. To see all entries for Volunteer brigades, select Type in the drop down list, and type volunteer (or vol) into the search box, then press “Search”. (or type retained (or ret) to see results for Retained brigades)
  • To see all the entries in the database, press the Clear button. (This will clear all the search filters)

Note: The search is not case sensitive, and also works on partial words. So a name search for “john” will give results that include John, Johnston, Johnson, etc.

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NameTFS Award?Approved onBrigadeTypeNotations
Veronica Atkins 15/12/1999 Wesley Vale Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
Victor Kaiser 28/2/15 Lachlan Volunteer
Virginia Jane Stott AWARD 24/02/2003 Latrobe Retained
Wade Edward Stewart 22/1/2000 Risdon Vale Retained 30 yr Clasp
Warren A Barr 28/2/02 Campbell Town Retained
Wayne Burn AFSM 4/02/2001 New Norfolk Retained
Wayne Marshall 1/02/2008 Magra Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
Wayne Milton 17/2/02 Stanley Retained
Wayne Montgomery 14/4/10 Woodsdale Volunteer
Wayne Neil Haywood 14/04/2010 Ridgley Volunteer
Wayne Preston 7/1/16 Hadspen Volunteer
Wayne Smart 26/2/10 Mt. Nelson Volunteer
Wayne Williams 27/12/12 Bridport Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
Wayne Wise 12/5/00 Rowella Volunteer
Wayne Woodcock 26/5/00 Currie Retained
Wendy Leone Bennell AWARD 10/3/10 Forth Volunteer
Wendy Maree Michajlow AWARD 24/02/2003 Latrobe Retained
Wendy Ruth Gaffney 17/2/10 Railton Retained
William Fraser 20/05/2000 Midway Point Retained
William John Tiddy 1/11/2003 Queenstown Retained 50 yr Gold Clasp
William Johnson 1/11/2011 Museum Brigade Retained
William Rattray 29/4/10 Pyengana Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
William Thomas Holmes 2/04/2000 Snug Volunteer
William Thomas Sullivan 24/2/12 Triabunna Retained 40 yr Clasp