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EXAMPLES (Updated 20 October 2020)

  • To see all recipients for Lachlan brigade, select “Brigade” from the drop down list, type Lachlan into the search box, and click “Search”
    (you could also type Lac, but because the search will also match partial words the results would also show Lackranna)
  • To see all recipients in 2016, select “Approved On” from the drop down list, type 2016 into the box, and click “Search”
  • To see all recipients of the TFS award, select TFS Award in the drop down box, and type award into the search box.
  • There are 2 types of brigades – Retained and Volunteer. To see all entries for Volunteer brigades, select Type in the drop down list, and type volunteer (or vol) into the search box, then press “Search”. (or type retained (or ret) to see results for Retained brigades)
  • To see all the entries in the database, press the Clear button. (This will clear all the search filters)

Note: The search is not case sensitive, and also works on partial words. So a name search for “john” will give results that include John, Johnston, Johnson, etc.

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NameTFS Award?Approved onBrigadeTypeNotations
David Dornauf 12/2/19 Lilydale Volunteer
David Drysdale 27/2/17 Sandfly Volunteer
David Fidler 25/02/2008 Latrobe Retained
David Francis Silk 20/05/2000 Midway Point Retained
David Harris 10/1/2011 Rubicon Volunteer
David Hart 15/02/2007 Fern Tree Retained
David Hean 29/02/2012 Brady's Lake Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
David Holmes 26/02/2007 Latrobe Retained
David Jacobs 6/02/2007 Kingston Retained 30 yr Clasp
David John Gleeson 17/2/11 Lachlan Volunteer 20 yr Clasp
David John Hean 29/2/12 Brady’s Lake Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
David John Knight 18/2/02 Dunalley Volunteer
David Lake 1/11/2009 Dilston Volunteer
David Leigh Sherriff 1/03/2010 Deloraine Retained
David Leslie Haigh 3/12/1999 Ulverstone Retained
David Lucas 3/12/2023 Mole Creek Volunteer 20 yr Clasp
David Lyndley Chopping 22/2/10 Sandfly Volunteer
David Menzie 27/02/2020 Cambridge Volunteer
David Michael Devereux 27/5/00 Lenah Valley Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
David Moir 10/03/2020 Prospect Retained 20 yrs
David Reardon 7/03/2022 Dodges Ferry Volunteer
David Ringsgwandl 22/2/15 Pipers River Volunteer
David Ryan 2/02/2015 Devonport (Vols) Retained 20 yr Clasp
David Shorthouse 1/11/2000 Rokeby Retained 20 yr Clasp
David Smith 26/2/12 Heybridge Volunteer 20 yr Clasp
David Sydney Darby 7/1/00 Primrose Sands Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
David T Oakley 28/2/02 Campbell Town Retained
David T Stott 27/2/2002 Port Sorell Volunteer
David van Geytenbeek 23/02/2000 Fern Tree Retained
David Waldron 24/2/03 Scottsdale Retained
David Walsh 23/2/2000 Somerset Retained
David Wells 31/01/2000 Dodges Ferry Volunteer
David Wright 13/5/13 Bridgenorth Volunteer 30 yr Clasp
Dean French 28/02/2022 Somerset Retained
Dean Plummer 5/01/2004 Brighton Volunteer
Dean Stokes 15/2/2005 Somerset Retained
Dean Watts 24/02/2020 Boat Harbour Volunteer
Deborah Smith 14/3/16 Bell Bay Volunteer
Denis Barrett 27/2/2002 Port Sorell Volunteer
Dennis Stanley Michajlow 24/02/2003 Latrobe Retained