Report for Associations TVFFAF 2010-2011


It once again gives me much pleasure to submit my report for the TVFFAF.

This year the executive has made some minor rule changes.

The introduction of new rondels and medal clasps and in addition a gold fifty year bar of which one has been presented. The new rondels depict the period of time that recipients have been a member rather than the previous indicator of a number of fire helmets..

The Junior/Cadet rules were discussed and will left as is for this year.


This year there has been a total of 60 nominations.

TFS Volunteer Medal                                    TFS Volunteer Award                                      Clasps

41 Volunteer Brigades                                   1 Volunteer Brigades                                        7

19 Retained Brigade                                        2 Retained Brigades

60 Total                                                                3 Total


The TFS Youth Award has received a total of 5 nominations for the year. This Award has not appealed to brigades as much as we would like. I believe it is up to the Associations to promote this Award more as it is being stated that Junior/Cadets are not being recognised when they gain senior membership of their brigade.

This award has been established for cadets/Junior members so we need to talk to brigades with cadets and give them the recognition they deserve. 

Funding for the Framework will remain at $2,500.00 per association for this year but will need to be reviewed due to the dwindling stocks with our supplier.

The Management Committee is Don Mackrill AFSM, Bruce Corbett AFSM and State Co-ordinator Robert Atkins AFSM, who have met twice during the year to discuss issues that have arisen and in August this year there will be a joint Management/Review meeting.

The Management Committee also acknowledges the Review Committee this year with three new members, Craig, Fiona, Lyndsay and Matthew from previous years.

Robert Atkins AFSM

State Co-ordinator TVFFAF