David John HEAN

David has been a volunteer for both Tasmania Fire Service and State Emergency Service since 1980 when he joined the Dunalley Fire Brigade.

During this time, David has been awarded the Tasmania Fire Service Volunteer medal in 2012 for 10 years of service with diligence and integrity. In 2000 he received the National Medal for 15 years of diligent service with two 10 year clasps in 2005 and 2015.

As well as a volunteer firefighter David is a member of the State Emergency Service in Road Crash Rescue, Storm Damage and Traffic Control with search and rescue.

Often David attends both Fire and SES incidents primarily on his own due to the remoteness and isolation of the units. He often spends hours alone and attends these incidents at any time of day and night.

David often leaves his place of work to assist many members of the public during inhospitable weather conditions both in his private time and as a volunteer in emergency services.

David is a Fire Permit Officer conducting inspections for landowners prior to burning operations.

David conducts training sessions for new members of his own Tasmania Fire Brigade and State Emergency Service unit, as well as for neighbouring brigades and units.