Evan George CRAM

Evan commenced as a volunteer firefighter with the Tasmania Fire Service in 2003 at the Molesworth Fire Brigade before becoming a volunteer firefighter at the Lenah Valley Fire Brigade in 2006, where he remains and currently holds the rank of Leading Firefighter.

In 2020, Evan undertook Covid-19 quarantine checks on behalf of the Tasmania Police. Evan worked approximately 10 hour days, two to three days per week for a period of 16 weeks. During this time, Evan was also working as a nurse at the Royal Hobart Hospital and as a volunteer firefighter.

Evan was required to drive around the southern parts of Tasmania to ensure patients were isolating as per the Health Department Rules. This work was undertaken in conjunction with Tasmania Police and the State Emergency Service.

The commitment and dedication to assist Tasmania Police and the State Emergency Service, whilst receiving a considerable amount of abuse, animosity, and condemnation from members of the community is worthy of recognition.

Evan remained professional during this period whilst ensuring that members of the public were complying with State Health orders.†††

Evan has received the Tasmania Fire Service Volunteer Medal, the National Emergency Medal for Firefighting, and the NSW Ambulance Superintendentís Award for Bravery.