David Oakley



Campbell Town Brigade        Tasmania Fire Service



Mr David Oakley joined the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) as a Volunteer Firefighter in 1963. From the beginning he has demonstrated a commitment to learning and providing a professional service to his community. His knowledge and natural leadership resulted in him being elected as the Brigade Chief of Campbell Town Fire Brigade in 1963. Since then he has held the positions of Second Officer 86- 2000 Group Officer 2007- current. Permit Officer and representative on the Tamar F Mac 1998-current.

Campbell Town is a town located in the midlands in central Tasmania, and is the hub for resources in the area. Over his many years of service David has initiated training programs to ensure his brigades readiness to respond and control the many potential types of incident associated with the area. As a part of this preparation he has also worked to develop future officers enabling the brigade to transition members through the leadership group seamlessly.

David is held in high esteem in all areas of the Fire Service and works tirelessly in his role as group officer to improve volunteer services for his group of brigades. His relationships with local farmers and key stakeholders in the area has been invaluable when seeking assistance and support for TFS initiatives.

David has worked on the Fire Management Area Committee, which identifies fire issues in the community and looks to strategies to manage them, and the Northern Midlands Municipal Emergency Management Committee where he has been a very constructive member.