Dennyse May Groves


Volunteer Firefighter Legana Brigade

Tasmania Fire Service


Dennyse Groves joined the Tasmania Fire Service on the 15 September 1999 as a member of the Gladstone Volunteer Fire Brigade, located in the far NE of Tasmania - at the time of this nomination she has provided approximately 18 years of ongoing community service and commitment to the Tasmania community as a volunteer fire-fighter.


As indicated, her initial service commenced in Gladstone, where predominately the majority of her male counterparts, worked "on the land" or the "forestry industry". Due to this, they were not always available to respond during daylight hours. Dennyse (and other) female members from her brigade, on many an occasion, responded with an "all female crew" to incidents of a varying nature.


During her period as a volunteer firefighter she completed the majority, if not all of her training courses including refreshers thus retaining her proficiency as required. Dennyse was promoted to the 4th Officers position in her brigade, a position she held until her transfer to one of the largest volunteer brigades (Legana) in Northern Tasmania or retirement and partially due to her husband's health.


During her period of service she has sought and obtained membership of the Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association (TVFBA) representing both the association and their members, on a number of levels, Group, Region, State and National.


She joined the Volunteer Association in the early 2000's, one of a few female firefighters who took up the challenge of representing the 5000+ volunteer firefighters in Tasmania. She was without doubt, an extremely active member, continually advocating a "fair go and equality" for all of her colleagues.

During her period as a member of the Volunteer Association, her involvement included.

         North East delegate on her Region Branch, where she held the position of Branch Vice President, deputising for her Branch President during periods of absence.

o    She was instrumental in organising "Road Shows" to take the

message to the volunteers at their brigades, throughout the North, rather than having them come to centralised meetings.

o    Organised regional forums on both Junior and female firefighters.

o    Was elected as a State Council delegate, the state body representing the volunteer firefighters throughout Tasmania.

o    Nominated (and participated) on a number of working parties, committees at State level representing the TVFBA on:

  Vehicle working parties, female forum, junior member forums etc to name a few.

Dennyse was one, if not the first female, TVFBA delegate to participate as

Member of CAVFA (Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Brigades Associations) representing the collective thousands of volunteer firefighters throughout Australia. This group discussed the many varying and perplexing issues, pertaining to safety, health and welfare within the industry (along with many other matters on a national basis)


Dennyse has received recognition within the Tasmania Fire Service over her years of service, receiving her, 5, 10 and 15 year TFS Long Service Badges, her TFS Volunteer Medal and her National Medal.


Dennyse now, having relocated to a larger metropolitan area, continues to represent her colleagues at both Regional & State levels within the Volunteer Association. This representation, during her period of service has always been, forthright, constructive and from the heart.

Dennyse continues to be an active member of the TVFBA.