John Alexander White


Retired Brigade Chief



Mr White resigned from the volunteer ranks of Tasmania Fire Service on August 2014 after freely giving service of thirty seven years.


He joined as a volunteer Firefighter with the Ridgley Brigade in 1977.


While at Ridgley Mr White developed a keen interest in operational training and competitions and Mr White led brigade activities in both of these areas.


After moving house in 1989 Mr White joined the Sulphur Creek brigade and within one year he was elected by his peers to the leadership position of Brigade Chief.  In this position Mr White proposed a move of the brigade to a more suitable location at Heybridge and with this he motivated brigade members to provide hundreds of hours of labour to assist with the station construction, landscaping and the development of several innovative training props.


Mr White also led and supported the development of brigade juniors and cadets and held the position of Fire Management Areas Committee rep, Health and Safety rep and the local Fire Permit Officer.


Mr White held the position of Brigade Chief up until his recent retirement.  A true acknowledgement of his commitment and leadership.


At all times Mr White had strong support from his wife Avis.


Mr White has been awarded the National Medal and clasp.  He is now due for his second clasp.