Matthew Buck



Matthew Buck joined as a TFS volunteer at George Town Brigade in 1995, when he was employed as a Sergeant for Tasmania Police.



Matthew has held various positions, including:



     In 1999 he was elected Fourth Officer; he was instrumental in coordinating evolutionary interagency exercises and simulated training within the Dalrymple Group.

     In 2000 he transferred to Prospect Brigade; he was instrumental in developing and influencing newer members and promoting training for the Prospect Brigade members.

     In 2003 he was elected as Brigade Officer; he made positive improvements to the culture within Prospect Brigade.

     During this time Matthew demonstrated his commitment to the wider community, playing an instrumental part in a fundraiser for the Boxing Day Tsunami disaster, raising over $5,000 in a weekend. Further, he was a founding member of the Appin Hall Children's Foundation / Prospect Brigade working partnership. His community engagement went on for many years within the brigade, with the coordination of many community events.

     In 2010, in partnership with three other emergency service officers, Matthew devoted approximately 18 months to fundraise and promote the charity Operation Rescue Assist East Timer and in 2011 he spent 8 days in East Timer training the Timorese Fire Brigade in RCR patient extraction and scene management.

     In 2011, Matthew was appointed First Officer; for over a decade he consistently provided leadership and direction to a very busy retained brigade.

     Matthew has participated in multiple task forces, including deployments to Victoria in 2006, Black Saturday 2009, and Task Force Leader for the CFA in the NW fires in 2020.

     Matthew has been a figurehead for mental health. Around 10 years ago he researched and formed a chapter in Launceston of the International firefighter motorcycle club 'Red Knights', of which he is President. The club aims to improve welfare and camaraderie amongst fire fighters and raise money for charities.