Shane Batt


Regional Chief Tasmania Fire Service



Shane has had 28 years of service to the Tasmanian community, aiding in the protection against fire and other emergencies and providing exceptional leadership to Tasmania firefighters.

Shane joined the Burnie Fire Brigade in 1992 as a retained volunteer and active member of the Burnie Brigade Urban Competition Team. After three years of service to the Burnie community Shane commenced a career firefighting appointment with Hobart Fire Brigade as a recruit firefighter.

Between 1995 and 2001 Shane studied towards and obtained the rank of Leading Firefighter. In just eight months Shane had successfully been promoted to the rank of Station Officer. Between 2002 and 2011 at Station Officer rank Shane broadened his operational and leadership foundation by performing different roles throughout the Tasmanian Fire Service such as Operations, Training, Fire Investigation, Building Fire Safety, Field Officer. He also successfully completed his Diploma of Public Safety (Fire Operations) in 2011 to obtain the rank of Senior Station Officer.

In the same year Shane made a tough decision to move his family from Hobart to North West Coast of Tasmania where he was promoted to District Officer Operational Training. In 2014 Shane transferred to District Officer Arthur District North West where he built strong relationships with volunteers across this District. He provided support to the volunteer membership he commanded and the respect our volunteers have for Shane is at the highest level.

In August 2015 Shane was appointed Acting Regional Chief North West Region for a period of 14 months until January 2017 at which point, he was successful in his application and appointed as the North West Region's newest Regional Chief. Since his appointment Shane has managed two extensive Level 3 Multi Agency bushfire seasons in 2016 and 2019.

Shane has also acted in the position of Deputy Chief Officer on two occasions within the Office of the Chief Officer, an indication of the respect held for Shane by DPFEM executive leadership team.

Shane is also the current:

TFS LGBTI Liaison Officer

TFS Representative AFAC Diversity and Inclusion Group

TFS Representative - AFAC NRSC including Deployment Manager: 2019-20 Fire Season (Queensland)

Other accomplishments:

Fireline Leadership 2011

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 2012

Incident Leadership 2013

Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management (Flinders University) 2013

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services) 2014

AFAC endorsed Level 3 Incident Controller (AMSA) 2013

Graduate - Company Director Course (Australian Institute of Company Directors) 2016

AFAC Strategic Command Program 2018

Tasmanian Senior Executive Leadership Development Program 2018

PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management 2018

Other mentions:

Hobart Fire Brigade: Myer building fire - September 2007

Former Chair, PPC Uniform Committee

Former TFS representative AFAC PPE Technical Group Committee

Chair of Selection Panels for Trainee Firefighting Recruitment since 2019.

Shane has the respect of all that follow him in the North West Region career, volunteer, support staff, external fire agencies, and other emergency services.

Shane Batt has been a valuable member of the senior operational team since 2012 and has been instrumental in the implementation of new operational structures across Tasmania and the Northwest following the 2009 black Saturday fires in Victoria. Shane has been instrumental in reviewing and aligning the organisational priorities within the Northwest region. Shane's leadership in supporting difficult changes over the past 10 years in particular has been pivotal in the development of the Northwest Region.