Stephen John Webster


Training Instructor

Retained Member

Tasmania Fire Service


It is my pleasure to nominate Stephen John Webster - Penguin Fire Brigade for the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM).


Stephen joined the TFS in June 1988 and quickly became passionate about firefighting. In 1992 he was elected to second officer at Penguin brigade and held this position for twelve years. In 2000 Stephen joined the ranks of a Volunteer Training Instructor for the North West region and still a serving member in this role today.


In 2006 Stephen was elected as brigade chief of Penguin fire brigade and then in 2007 taking on the role of the group officer as we ll. Stephen has held both these positions simultaneously for the last eleven years.


Stephen continued to volunteer and participate in a number of forums representing the TFS, chairing the Leven Fire Management Area Council (FMAC) from 2007-2013 and being a member of the Mersey FMAC at the same time.


During Stephen's service he has taken a leading and active role in the Tasmania Fire Service junior and cadet programs which has included being heavily involved with running junior exercise weekends and in addition has become a mentor for brigades that have junior and cadet members, or who wish to start a junior and cadet program.


Stephen has been a driving force in keeping the Penguin brigade functional and he has also been instrumental in the rebuilding of the Heybridge brigade in 2017. His ability to communicate with people to achieve the best possible result for not only each individual but the TFS. He has unique understanding of human nature and goes about his role in a ca lm manner


Stephen was awarded his national medal in 2008 and his first clasp in 2016.


I wish Stephen all the best for his future, and I fully support his nomination for the Australian Fire Service Medal.