Wade Edward STEWART

 Wade Stewart has been a member of the Tasmania Fire Service for 40 years. He has provided a high quality of service to the Tasmanian Community, aiding to keep Tasmania safe against fires and other emergencies and providing strong and consistent leadership to the Risdon Vale Brigade’s Firefighters. Wade’s dedicated service was acknowledged in 1997 when he was awarded the National Medal and again in 2000 when he received the Volunteer medal. Wade joined the Risdon Vale Fire Brigade in 1982 as a Volunteer Firefighter to service the local community. In 2001 Wade was voted by his peers and promoted to become the 3rd Officer at Risdon Vale Brigade. Six years later Wade was recognised by the Risdon Vale Brigade for his competence and leadership and was promoted to 1st Officer. Wade is currently the 1st Officer and has been since his promotion in 2007. During his time as 1st Officer, Wade has trained and developed countless career and volunteer firefighters in road crash rescue, hazmat and firefighting. Wade has spent countless hours of his personal time on the fireground and on the training ground to ensure proper preparation for all hazard emergencies. Wade ensures that the Risdon Vale Brigade can always provide a timely and adequate response to emergencies in the local area as well as intrastate and interstate. Wade has led crews to some dangerous jobs over the years, and he does this leading by example and ensuring that the job required is done to the best of everyone’s ability and ensure everyone gets home safe on our truck and any other Brigade he has worked with. If Wade wasn’t on the crew, he would always check in on how they were going and checking you were okay when you got back to the station. He has always followed up with his members after every job especially the bad ones to ensure every member got the support they needed and to check their mental health was okay. He also made sure everyone affected got a phone call from the health services. Wade has a great working relationship with career crews as well and organises the Brigade to do weekend training sessions to assist career firefighters going for their leading fire fighter promotions. Wade has organized a structured approach to the brigade and has his succession planning place. Undoubtedly the Brigade is in a better position after Wade’s 40 years of influence. Wade can always be counted on to assist at short notice and work collaboratively to ensure a positive outcome. Wade has worked tirelessly during his time and continues to do so with many long days and nights to provide support to District Staff and other Brigades in the area. Wade makes himself available no matter what time of the day and the support he gives is second to none. Wade is a highly respected member with-in the Tasmania Fire Service.